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Welcome to the Trangia Stove website, a niche website aimed at collecting together in one place information on Trangia stoves, topics range from international fuel names for a trangia, Trangia tips and safety advice to tasty recipes to cook in your trangia camping stove.

About Trangia

Trangia is a trademarked name for a line of alcohol burning portable camping stoves. These stoves are designed mainly for backpackers, campers and hikers, where the original design focus on achieving the features of light weight, durability, reliable and simple to use are most important. Since 1925, Trangia stoves and accessories are manufactured by Trangia AB based in Sweden. The company has a long history of providing the storm proof stoves, where it first sold stoves in 1925. One of Trangia's selling points are that it is a completely packaged stove, i.e. stove burner, pans, kettle, windshield can be packed away into a size not significantly larger than a standard camp cooking pot. Consequently, despite the modern developments in alternative stove designs and fuel, Trangia has kept much of its approval for people who enjoy camping, hiking, bakpacking, cycle touring, and even still used by the army.

Trangia Burner

trangia burner

The key component of any of these cooking stoves is the Trangia burner. This is a small cup constructed from brass that looks and functions similar to a beverage-can stove that have imitated the trangia design. Fuel is poured into the trangia burner and lit. The heat from the flame causes the alcohol fuel to evaporate and vaporize, forcing it out of the small holes around the top of the burner, producing an even flame. To control the flame and consequently the heat output from the burner, the stove includes a removable simmer ring accessory, that allows the partially blocking of the flame. After use and once the burner has cooled down, screw the lid on the trangia burner so that any extra remaining fuel can be kept.

Trangia Cookset

In addition to the trangia burner, the standard trangia cookset such as the trangia 27 or trangia 25 includes a bottom base, which lifts the burner off the ground and has vents to provide fresh airflow, and a windscreen which attaches to the bottom base in order to protect the flame from wind and provide support for the pots. The standard trangia stove also includes two pots, a pot lid that also doubles up as a frying pan, an optional kettle, and a universal handle that is used to grip onto the edge of the pots and pans as well as the kettle. Like a russian doll set , the entire cookset is designed to pack together in a single, portable item.